Increased Focus on Human Resources Strategy

Employers understand, benefit plans are an essential part of hiring and retaining talent in the workplace.  An increasing number of employers and HR Teams are realizing the cost of benefit administration.

Best Worksite Benefits provides solutions and tools for your HR Team to relieve the pressure of managing and administering the Benefits.

Thanks to our technology platform and dedicated call center, the HR Team can focus of employment related strategies, rules and regulations.

Employees will enjoy knowing they have a team of professionals to educate them about their benefits so they can make intelligent educated decisions on the benefits best suited for them and their families.

Also, knowing they have a dedicated team of service professionals to call with their service and claims needs.  By outsourcing these functions it frees up more time for the HR Team.

For many benefit managers, more time means focusing more on initiatives such as honing benefits communications or working with other leaders to better align business strategy with benefits strategy.

In fact, the IFEBP survey found that about 30 percent of companies dedicated staff members to benefits communication and more than a third dedicated staff primarily to wellness initiatives. Outsourcing employee benefits can free up their time.

Tuning benefits administration over to experts can give employees a better experience with understanding their benefits. They’ll be dealing with experts who specialize in providing customer service about employee benefits, cutting-edge technology and advice, that can help them make better educated decisions for their families.

These advantages give employees a better experience with their benefits, and that can lead to higher job satisfaction overall. A report from the Society for Human Resource Management says employee benefits are one of the top three drivers of job satisfaction. If employees aren’t happy with their benefits, they might start looking elsewhere.