Best Worksite Benefits has partnered with all Voluntary Carriers like Allstate Benefits, Aflac and others.  We can provide proposals from any carrier.  Regardless of which carrier you choose, voluntary benefits are one of the most asked about benefits.

When employees experience a serious health event, they can be impacted financially in many ways.

Here are some examples:

  • Out-of-pocket medical costs that are not covered by major medical insurance.
  • Reduced income due to disability or time off from work to care for a sick or injured loved one.
  • Non-medical costs associated with the event, such as travel, eating out more, and hiring help around the home.

At a time when the family should be focusing on recovering from the event, increased expenses and reduced income can create a strain on the family budget as the monthly bills continue.

  • With voluntary worksite benefits, the family receives cash benefits paid directly to the employee (unless they choose otherwise).
  • They can use those funds for any need they have.
  • Further, 65% of employees have less than $1,000 to be able to pay for out-of-pocket expenses associated with an unexpected illness or accident.
  • Additionally, 16% of workers would have to borrow from their 401k, friends and family to pay for out-of-pocket expenses associated with an unexpected serious illness or accident; 35% would have to use a credit card.
  • Employers add to the bottom line, by offering worksite benefits Pre-Tax.