Phase 1: Inception

  • BWB develops a plan to present to the client
  • Client, and BWB meet
  • Client’s specific goals and needs are identified
  • Client agreements

Phase 2: Elaboration and Client Set Up

  • Plan necessary activities and the required resources
  • Collect essential data
  • Create project goals
  • Establish time lines
  • Identify roles and responsibilities
  • Establish enrollment time line and conditions
  • Plan new hire on boarding process

Phase 3: Construction

  • Configure benefit selections
  • Verify plan designs
  • Verify eligibility rules
  • Verify payroll deduction codes
  • Verify employer and employee contributions
  • Upload current employee data
  • Pre-enrollment notices and promotion (sent two weeks prior to enrollment)
  • Benefit presentations developed

Phase 4: Testing

  • BWB testing for accuracy of plan designs, contributions, and eligibility
  • Client testing
  • BWB, and Client sign off that systems are a go
  • Benefit Specialist training on determined benefits and the enrollment process